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At Phoenix Technologies, our quality is born out of our innovative process. By using patented technologies in combination with our proprietary blending methods and fine mesh melt filtration systems, we create the high-quality recycled PET (rPET) our customers have come to expect  over the past two decades.

All of our products start with the same basic process steps - securing clean post-consumer PET flake. This flake is recovered from bottles consumers put into curbside collection bins or take to the local recycling center, which are then assembled into bales.

Phoenix Technologies also has a proprietary, patented approach to decontaminating rPET which produces a resin for direct food contact applications. The process has received a letter of "no objection" from the Food & Drug Administration and various other international food safety agencies to allow customer use of up to 100% LNO™ resin in packaging applications.


Food Grade* LNO™ c pellets







Food Grade* LNO™ c pellets

Food Grade* LNO™ p pellets






Food Grade* LNO™ p pellets

Food Grade* LNO™ w pellets







Foodgrade -LNO-w

General Purpose Grade NLP™ pellets



Palmolive _Group _sm



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