Wash Line

Phoenix FlakePhoenix Technologies International self-manufactures clean flake. Phoenix uses clean flake as in feed material to create rPET, which is used to create next-generation packaging for applications such as beverages, food, personal care and household cleaners.

To prepare for the upstream integration, Phoenix has worked diligently to diversify and strengthen its supplier relationships. The objective is to source enough bales to feed a wash line with projected output in excess of 60 million pounds of clean flake per year. Integration of this bale converting step allows Phoenix to maximize flake quality to meet the stringent requirements of its primary end market customers.  It also allows the company to better manage its own environmental footprint, specifically process water and transportation fuel.

The line is housed in a 66,000 square foot facility located in close proximity to Phoenix’ existing 90,000 square foot manufacturing plant.  Using their patented technology, Phoenix converts most of their clean flake into post consumer PET for reuse back into consumer packaging applications.  The new state of the art flaking line and high quality assurance standards have enabled Phoenix to develop rPET resin that can provide similar performance to virgin PET resin.

Additionally, Phoenix uses less energy per pound to manufacture rPET compared to virgin PET.  This further contributes to a decrease in the environmental footprint. The end result is a sustainable, cost-effective, high-performing solution that many brand-owners use up to 100% as a replacement for virgin without compromising manufacturing efficiencies or product performance standards.