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Why rPET

As one of the largest manufacturers of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) in the world and the leading merchant supplier in North America, Phoenix Technologies understands how environmentally-sound decisions can impact the packaging bottom line.

Whyrpet1 But what exactly is PET? And why is rPET so valuable?

PET is a polymer that is used to manufacture strong, clear, lightweight containers and packaging. A key advantage of PET is that it has a well-established recycling infrastructure and can be recycled numerous times. Its superb physical properties enable the manufacture of very lightweight containers which minimizes the use of natural resources.

Through Phoenix Technologies' ongoing focus on process and product development, we're able to develop cost-effective, high-performing rPET resins.  They provide our customers with a sustainable resource which helps them meet regulatory mandates for both food and non-food applications. For brand owners, bottle manufacturers and consumers alike, rPET is the clear choice for a variety of environmentally-sound packaging solutions.


Sustainable resources, attainable solutions

By creating clean, high-quality rPET in a consistent manner, Phoenix rPET resins can easily be incorporated into packaging for a variety of applications from soft drinks to detergents to shampoos and soaps.

Using patented technology, Phoenix is able to pelletize and crystallize recycled, post-consumer PET for reuse back into consumer packaging applications. State-of-the-art processes and quality assurance standards have enabled the company to develop rPET that can be blended with virgin resin and actually mimic its performance.

Additionally, rPET requires less energy to manufacture per pound than that of virgin PET.  This further contributes to a decrease in the environmental footprint. The end result is a sustainable, cost-effective, high-performing solution that many of our brand-owner customers use as a 100% replacement for virgin-without compromising manufacturing efficiencies or product performance standards.

Implementing innovation, maximizing value

Brand owners have exacting standards that need to be met for every package they commercialize. Phoenix Technologies standards are just as demanding.

Using a proprietary process developed at Phoenix in conjunction with its sister company, Plastic Technologies, Inc., we're able to pelletize and crystallize rPET for reuse back in to consumer packaging applications. Always at the forefront of recycling innovation, our patented fine-mesh filtration process enables us to produce rPET that processes like virgin PET but requires less energy to manufacture. And since it runs like virgin, no special process changes are needed to use our rPET.

Through our state-of-the-art materials separation and elutriation services, we also can take your scrap regrind, remelt and reform it into pellets that can be reintroduced into your bottle-making process.

With advanced technology, innovative quality processes, cost-saving repelletizing services, and first-rate support, Phoenix Technologies can exceed your expectations - and maximize your profits.

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  • The PET bottle was patented in 1973 by chemist Nathaniel Wyeth (brother of distinguished American painter Andrew Wyeth)
  • The first PET bottle was recycled in 1977
  • Cubic yards conserved in a landfill by recycling PET beverage bottles:
    • 4,800 recycled 16-ounce bottles saves a cubic yard
    • 4,050 recycled 20-ounce bottles saves a cubic yard
    • 3,240 recycled 1-liter bottles saves a cubic yard
    • 2,430 recycled 2-liter bottles saves a cubic yard
    • 1,350 recycled 3-liter bottles saves a cubic yard
  • According to the EPA, recycling a pound of PET saves approximately 12,000 BTU's
  • Fourteen 20 oz. PET bottles yield enough fiber for an extra large T-shirt
  • It takes 14 20 oz. PET bottles to make one square foot of carPET
  • It takes 63 20 oz. PET bottles to make a sweater
  • Fourteen 20 oz. PET bottles yield enough fiberfill for a ski jacket
  • It takes 85 20 oz. PET bottles to make enough fiberfill for a sleeping bag

Additional information on PET properties (PDF).